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Hon. Bryan Jared Kramer, MP

Bryan Jared Kramer

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Minister for Justice


Allegiance Party

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Current: First elected to the 10th National Parliament for Madang Open seat in the 2017 General Elections as a PANGU Pati candidate. Resigned from the PANGU Pati to launch the Allegiance Party, which was renamed from Papua New Guinea Constitutional Democratic Party in March 2018. Formally recognized as Leader of the Allegiance Party by the Registrar of Political Parties in May 2018. Appointed Minister for Justice under the Marape-Basil cabinet on 20/12/20, 1st term in this Parliament.

Past: Appointed Shadow Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments and Public Service in the Pruaitch led Opposition from August 2017-May 2019. Served as Minister for Police from 17/06/19 to 19/12/20.


Religion: Christianity-Catholic
Primary Education: Completed Primary Education, Gr 1-7 from Madang International Primary School, Madang (1980-1988)
Secondary Education: Completed Secondary Education, Gr 8-11 from St Brendan's College, Queensland, then Gr 12 from Divine Word Institute (1993)
Tertiary Education: Completed Tertiary Education from Divine Word Institute, Madang (1999).

Achievements: Obtained a Diploma in Business in 1995 and a Bachelors Degree in Accounting in 1999 from the Divine Word Institute, Madang.
Last Occupation Prior to Elections: Employed with KPMG and Kramer Group as a Finance Executive.

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