Parliament session adjourned to Tuesday 27th August 2019, 2 PM

Hon. Richard Mendani, MP

Richard Mendani

Kerema Open

National Alliance Party

Votes Received
Over 10,000

Parliamentary Services

Current: Member for Kerema Open Electorate

Past: Appointed Constitutional Laws, Acts and Subordinate Legislation Committee Chair and member of Economics Committee, member of Private Business and Public Accounts Committee in August 2012. Joined the Papua New Guinea Party in May 2016.


Religion: Christianity
Primary Education: Grades 1-6, Kanabea Primary School, 1975-1980
Secondary Education: Grade 7-10, Kerema High School, 1984, Grade 11-12, Sogeri National Highschool, 1985-1986
Tertiary Education: Bachelor in Economics, University of Papua New Guinea, 1991. Diploma in Economic Policy, National Research Institute, 1992,

Achievements: Obtained a Degree in Economics from the University of Papua New Guinea
Community Interests: Empowering Human Resource
Last Occupation Prior to Elections: Onwed and operated a Consultancy Firm

Contact Details

Parliament Office
C/-National Parliament, PO Parliament House, WAIGANI, Papua New Guinea

Ph: +675 3277701
Fax: +675 3277480