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Date Posted: July 24 2018


Parliament Speaker Job Pomat has welcomed Belden Namah and Henry Amuli back to parliament last Wednesday after the court has ordered for their reinstatement.

Mr Namah has been ordered to continue as a member of parliament after Court has stayed the decision to dismiss him from office from the Leadership Tribunal while Mr Amuli was cleared after the recount of his 2017 national election result.

Mr Pomat told Parliament that the Chair is satisfied with the court order and is of the view that Mr Namah remains the Member of Parliament for the Vanimo Green electorate until a further order of the court is received. Therefore, Mr Namah is entitled to perform his official role and functions in the Chamber and the parliament precincts.

He ruled that Chair will not allow any statement or questions about Honourable Belden Namah’s case because the matter is sub-judice and is pending before the court.

Mr Pomat also congratulated Henry Amuli for retaining his seat after the recount of the Sohe electorate has been completed. National Court ordered Mr Amuli to retain his seat as the member for Sohe on June 12, 2018.

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