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Date Posted: July 25 2018


National Parliament Speaker, Honourable Job Pomat has imposed a ban on betel nut chewing and cigarette smoking within the precincts of Parliament.

He told Parliament,” litter from cigarettes and betel nut skins together with betel nut spittle are unsightly and unhygienic and the Chair in his efforts to uphold the dignity of the Parliament.”

Under the Ban, security guards will also carry out searches of persons and their bags to ensure they do not carry cigarettes and betel nuts.

He explained to members that the Speaker of the Parliament has powers under the Constitution, the Parliamentary Service Act and the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act  to ensure that the dignity of Parliament is upheld, maintaining order in it and regulating its proceedings and administering its affairs

“Honourable Members, as you area aware it will be difficult to police the ban but the Chair will not hesitate to invoke his powers under Section 15(2) of the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act 1964 which states that, the Speaker may, at any time and whether the Parliament is meeting or not, direct that a person who is not a Member of Parliament be removed from the precincts of the Parliament”
A direction under Section 15(2) of the PPPA remains in force until the Chair directs otherwise and the person removed must not re-enter the precincts of the Parliament while the direction if in force.

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